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About Us and our Products

The Hang-Ups Company, based in
Ashland, Oregon, has been selling quilt
hangers through wholesale accounts and
by direct retail since 1986.  

All of our wooden Hang-Ups™ fabric
hangers and mini hangers are
manufactured exclusively in southern
Oregon.  The owners, Marilyn and Martin
Reece-Sullivan, are proud to offer finely
crafted, high-quality,
USA-made products
for your use.  We always have
guaranteed our hangers.  We have
shipped hundreds of thousands of units
over the years and we hope you'll join our
family of satisfied customers.
As of October 2004, we have introduced
“No See Ums”™ invisible hanging system
using a telescoping bar -- because some
customers prefer to use sewn sleeves for
hanging quilts.  

The bars, brackets, and adhesive strips are
all made in the USA.  Only the magnetic
level is imported from China!  

The organizers of the International Quilt
Market and Festival in Houston, TX  used
this new system to hang all of the special
exhibit quilts.  They used some specially
modified components to meet the needs of
exhibiting, including hanging lanyards and
loop and hook mountings of the brackets.

Look for these special applications with
Lanyard “No See Ums”TM during future
Quilt Markets and Quilt Festivals.

Check them out also now at the AQS shows
in Paducah, Knoxville, and Des Moines.  

Email us for more information for your show.
Contact us for details at:

The Hang-Ups Company
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Ashland, OR 97520

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email:  mmreesul@jeffnet.org
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